We are theOriginal Phad Artists from Shahpura Bhilwara. Do contact us for phad paiintings.

There are many people copying us and making fake phad paintings. Please beware of such artists.

What is Phad

The ancient tradition of scroll painting survives in Rajasthan as Phad. A Phad is a long rectangular cloth painting that tells of the adventures and travails of Pabuji, a local hero or other epic heroes. Usually about five meters by one and a half meters in size, 5feet x 20 feet and 5feet x 36feet long. The Phad is painted in bold colors and is rolled on two shafts of bamboo, thus making it easy to carry. Painted by the Joshi’s of SHAHPURA 311404, they have been used for centuries as a backdrop by Bhopas or the bards of Rajasthan who go from village to village singing about the exploits of legendary heroes. Scrolls of classical subjects like.
However a single Phad painting is also prepared in different sizes.

As per the practice stands the Bhopa sings devotional hymns of Devnarayan and Pabuji mainly to eulogise them. Besides this Sarswati and Ganesh are also eulilized respectively the supposed Goddess of learning and remover of obstacles. Morever both Sarswati and Ganesh are presented in Multifarious forms with their weapons, dresses and other symbols

By far the most advantageous and beneficial scope for the researchers in Phad Painting residing overseas or in the country is that they may safely rely upon us for the guidance and help in the form of stories and ancient paintings which are availabel with us.

presentation of Phad Painting comprises the display of the contents of the Phad accompanied by the melodious songs sung by the bard cum priest termed as BHOPA

Vijay Joshi

Virasat Founder

About us a bit

Traditional Phad Painting

We are the original phad painting artists from Shahpura Bhilwara(Rajasthan).

Interior Painting

We also provide wall painting with the traditional art.

You can contact us online for Phad Paintings

You can contact us through the email address mentioned on the website or the phone numbers.

Latest Projects

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